My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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2014 Missoula July Long Range Match Scores
Shooter 800 Yds - 15 shots 1000 Yds - 15 shots Total Place High 800/1000
Howard Smith 135 2x139 3x274 5x 1st OverallHigh 1000 Score
Ron Radmer 143 3x128 1x271 4x 2nd Overall
Dave Eichenlaub 135 2x136 1x271 3x 3rd Overall
Steve Neustrom 143 5x126269 5x
Mark Griffis 135126 1x261 1x
Dave Yount 146 7x113 1x259 8xHigh Senior High 800 score
Wayne Hegdahl 139 4x117 1x256 5x
Lanny Moody 137108 2x245 2x
Cheryl Pestel 134 3x108242 3x
Don Claridge 131 1x106 2x237 3x
Dave Bearden 118 1x119 1x237 2x
Bill Moody 135 2x102237 2x
Ivan Dice 133 2x95 228 2x
Tasha Paulson 133 1x101 2x234 3x
Toby Crisler 13398 1x231 1x
Darrell Tonn 12495 1x219 1x
Paul Dowell 13371203
Rick Pestel 105 1x97 1x202 2x
James Burrill 116 2x80196 2x
John King DNF
Heather Griffis DNF
John Fuller DNF