My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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2014 Butte Sniper Match Scores for August 9th Silhouette and 10th Midrange
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotal
Darrell Smithson (Scope)6109934
Butch Ulsher (Scope)387826
Mark Griffis (Iron)1106724
Toby Crisler (Iron)187521
Heather Griffis (Scope)477523
L.J. Schieffert (Iron)286622
James Newfeld (Iron)286723
Dan Smrdel156113
Carol Schieffert022610
Military Rifle
Dave Eichenlaub0107926
Mike Venturino01051025
Steve Mayville04015
Rich Morris00000
ShooterStanding200300 600Total
Black Powder Cartridge Rifles
Mark Griffis 1st BPCR100-5x9288280-5X
Toby Crisler 2nd BPCR98-3x9283-2x273-5x
Heather Griffis 99-3x92-2x72263-5x
A.P. Ulsher 99-3x92-2x72263-5X
Darrell Smithson 95-2x9075260-2X
Vintage Military Rifles
Mike Venturino 1st Military99-3x99-2x97-3x295-8X
Dave Eichenlaub 100-4x97-2x95292-6x